Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Long time no blog

I suck at blogging, at recording my life. Why? Because I make a lot of I don't own a point and shoot, I hate being around the computer when I'm not working on the computer, I like to keep things to myself (if I told you everything about me, then I'd have to kill you because some things I say might make you want to kill me!...)

Here are some reasons why I plan to start blogging again: I just got an iphone, no matter what I'll be stuck with a blog worthy device that includes a camera!, my life has become exceedingly boring thanks to a salaried job and my girlfriend moving to Calgary, but out of boredom breathes trouble, so things could get interesting, and my band is back in the studio recording our full length and about to head out on tour. All of this and more will create quite the platter of interesting situations and possibly some sort of revelation or epiphany I've yet to encounter or understand.

If you have or haven't noticed, I deleted a bunch of old posts...why? mostly because it bothered me. Now I feel fresh and clean and ready to start anew. I will also attempt the 365 game, posting a photo for every day of the year...

Now, shall we begin?..........................tomorrow.

1 comment:

K said...

technically you started tooooodayyyY!

I love you.